Candle from my flash

Hello my dearests strangers,

I am so excited I am writing this today! I had a blog in the past -but it was a very boring and impersonal one. That’s why I am shaking while typing this right now… so, excuse me, please, if I have some bad ortography. My english is still something I don’t feel too confident with.

But anyway -I can at least tell you that I feel quite secure about this tattoo I am going to show you people! It was made on the fantastic Grace. She came to Meatshop pretty much open into looking to our available flash. She then decided to go for this candle that was still up for grabs from a Halloween sheet I did some time ago -thank you Grace, again, for allowing me to make the piece with artistic freedom while being such a trooper on taking it. This tattoo was done in a total of three hours.


Hope you enjoy this little piece, and remember that I am taking appointments for the rest of this month and august at Meatshop Tattoo. You can write me to

May the power of black metal be with you, my lovely strangers,


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