Tattoos from Berlin

Good evening anybody who is reading this!

I am bringing to you more news from my latest works. Working in Das Kabinett had been very productive for me, even after the virus situation. I’ve doing some flash lately, and Elina decided to take one bloody swan from it. I specially like this piece, as it’s a cool mix between a more classical neo-traditional with a touch of organic illustration. The color makes it pop in a very strong red in contrast with the delicate head of the animal. I would love to do more pieces like this in the future.

Elina’s arm
A more general view of her arm! The color of it matches her hair and other pieces she has.

Apart of this piece, I also did a pretty beautiful peony on Nicky. This was custom. Would love to do more peonies in the future, flowers are always very nice to work on!

Thanks for watching, hope you all enjoyed this pieces and see you next time :),


Still busy after a while

Hello, hello, hello.

Well it’s been quite some time since my last publication in here. Lot of stuff had happened in my life. The main one is that since more or less more than a year I am no longer working in Barcelona, you can find me instead at Das Kabinett, in Berlin. Thanks to Matteo that opened the doors of the studio for me. This is an important detail as I still get requests from people believing that I am living in Spain! Anyway, I don’t know when I will come back for a visit honestly- I’ve been too lazy on moving and planning guests spots lately as I am too comfortable in the shop right now. So I welcome all of you to get the Das Kabinett experience, you will like it.

Apart of those little news that I felt like sharing (hahaha) I am bringing some pictures of the last paintings I’ve been working on. Quarantine ended up being quite busy for me, but I am very happy that I am finding time to paint more and trying new things. There’s a bunch of not so big originals and a comission -thank you Patrick for buying one of my bloody ladies and asking me for doing something custom for you (:

This one it is no longer available!
This was the comission for Patrick. Its a coat of arms a bit more cooler.

Next post for sure will be about my lasts tattoos and the designs that are still available in case you want to add something new to your collection.

If you wish to buy any of the originals that I have left, feel free to write me an e-mail!

And that’s if for today after two years I think hahahaha.


Spooky tattoos and next guest spot at London

Hello everyone,

I will not complain about my times for uploading this little blog of mine, I promise!

Today I am coming to show you the tattoos I did on the event we had at Meatshop for Halloween. We worked on a bunch of designs, and I must admit that I’ve tried some days before the date to come up with more of them, but I just got completely blocked for two consecutive days, which was pretty much annoying as I felt like wasting my time trying to draw stuff that it just wasn’t working. Anyway, the day before the 31th I did a little game on my instagram stories where I asked my followers to tell me what they would want to see me drawing for Halloween, and I ended up making lot of flashes for the event from those ideas. Thanks everyone who sended me stuff, and sorry the ones I couldn’t find more time for drawing the rest of the ideas.

That dog with two heads (that its not my original drawing), is from the art cover from The Melvins – Houdini. Love doing different things like this one time to time!

There you can check properly the designs I came up with for the event. The last sheet it’s not finished as I got lazy with that “voodoo skull”. It was already too late at night! It will be nice to push myself to drawing that one properly one day., and filling the rest of the paper with more designs. Mostly all of those flash is still available, so come by the shop or send me an e-mail if you may be interested!

Also, my lastests news are that I will be working at The Family Business in London. My available dates at the shop are 23th, 24th, 25th, 26th, 29th and 30th of November. I am already booking up some dates, so if you want to get something by me, don’t wait too longer!!!

I can’t wait to meet you,


Tattoos made from Vienna

Hello peoples!

Long time since that last piece I’ve decided to share with all the internet folks out there. Anyway, today I will let you know a little bit about my last tattoo trip, which I enjoyed a lot.

I did a guest spot some days ago at the tattoo studio Sissi got Inked in Vienna. That studio is one of the most cozyests shop I’ve been very lucky to work in. I worked alongside KonstanzeKadaverism and Anni Richter, who apart from being super talented artists, they are great human beings. They made my staying super comfortable, making me feel part of their tattoo family. Thanks again guys for the hospitality!

The firsts two days at the studio, we made more progress on Philipp’s sleeve who came firstly one week before my travel to Vienna for starting his sleeve with me at Meatshop. Usually, I work making the first session all the solid line work properly -but because he wanted to do a tattoo marathon (basically) and take more than one session next to each other, we just sketched the stencil on his arm and then decided to finish it by parts so that way, his skin wasn’t getting too overworked and damaged. That way too, it wasn’t too painful for him! This time in Vienna, we got to do the lower part of his arm. Thank you dude for the great music, talks, and laughs. See you soon to keep working on this!


Apart from Phillipp’s sleeve, I was staying one more day at the shop that was filled from a piece from my flash. The piece was done on Dave, A super chilled dude who was a completely pleasure for me to work with too! Sorry about that awkward position you had to get through during the tattoo, you did amazing.

I will come back and for more days to do more tattoos for sure!!! Thanks to everyone who was interested in getting tattooed by me and couldn’t make it this time. If you are in Vienna or you are thinking about travelling for getting a piece -you have to come and spend some quality time at Sissi got Inked. Your tattoo experience will be in a relaxed enviorenment filled with good music, food, skulls, art and nice company.

Looking forward meeting you all,


Nordic piece for Carlos

Hello everyone,

It’s been long since my last post, but well, here you have me again. Life lately has been about only working as much as I can, and trying to figure it out how to present my work on social media. Finally I got a camera! (which I am still fightning with, trying to  understand how to use it properly) and I also got some little time to type on this website and speak about my last piece with you.

This time I am going to show you this tattoo that was done on Carlos, who came all the way from London, desperately wanting to get this piece with me. I know, it’s weird, right? Like, who the hell travels that long to spend so much time with a weirdo like me. When he arrived to the shop -he looked like he just came from hell. It seems like he didn’t had any money for the plane ticket because he was spending it already on the tattoo, and decided to swim the atlantic ocean and then get to Barcelona with auto-stop. I’ve never met a customer that is that mad before (and also a bit creepy) Anyway, here is the result:

This piece was highly inspired on a leg I did some time ago with my boss (Peter Madsen)  and it took us two full day sessions. I was pretty surprise that Carlos sat throught those two days properly, considerating the state that he came with to the shop. It ended up being a very good man. The only time he spoke with me was when we were finishing the second day -thank you Carlos for being so scary to work with.

Here you can check a little video of the piece too.

Until next time, strangers!


Moth from my flash

Hello everyone,

I am more than happy to be writing this right now -things in my life had been quite busy lately, so being able to just sit and start typing it’s getting quite relaxing… and I am excited too for showing you all the details of the last illustration I’ve been working on this week.

We had a flash event many moons ago where we celebrated spring and we all got inspired by our newest resident artist at the shop: Subliquida (Andrea Baiardo) He is an eccentric (but lovely) man who is obssesed with nature. I’ve never met before someone with such a passion for insects and botanical, and i’ts something that one can clearly appreciate in his own artwork. The event we had was an inauguration of his exposition at Meatshop, so we worked on some flash based on that theme. Unfortunately, I didn’t had enough time or inspiration to came with a bunch of flash as I usually do when we have flash events -but I made some of them which I ended up pretty happy with.

Still, I haven’t got to tattoo them! So that’s why I though about making a proper illustration of this designs -I wish that if you are closer to what my vision for the tattoo is, you will be as excited as me as seeing them on some skin.


I worked on this illustration in a way I haven’t worked in such a long time! Color pencils where my option for this little project, as I was at the shop and forgot about my watercolors at my place (duh) I am quite happy with the result. For sure I will use more color pencils in a future. Here you can see some other shots from the piece, details and a little bit of the process with the dotting.

And that’s it. Remember that this design is made for be a tattoo!! Don’t doubt in writing me, I do think it deserves a nice portion of skin to show off to the world.


Candle from my flash

Hello my dearests strangers,

I am so excited I am writing this today! I had a blog in the past -but it was a very boring and impersonal one. That’s why I am shaking while typing this right now… so, excuse me, please, if I have some bad ortography. My english is still something I don’t feel too confident with.

But anyway -I can at least tell you that I feel quite secure about this tattoo I am going to show you people! It was made on the fantastic Grace. She came to Meatshop pretty much open into looking to our available flash. She then decided to go for this candle that was still up for grabs from a Halloween sheet I did some time ago -thank you Grace, again, for allowing me to make the piece with artistic freedom while being such a trooper on taking it. This tattoo was done in a total of three hours.


Hope you enjoy this little piece, and remember that I am taking appointments for the rest of this month and august at Meatshop Tattoo. You can write me to

May the power of black metal be with you, my lovely strangers,


Greetings from somewhere on Spain

First posts are always a little bit annoying to deal with… I think that is because one don’t really know what to write in this huge blank space first, where to start, what to say, how you picture yourself to the vast ocean of the internet where lots of random people can get into whatever you feel like showing, know a little bit more about you. Anyway, I do think I can just say what everyone else says in this situations – Hello! I am Cat. And I make art. I do hope you find interesting what comes from my mind and my hands. If not, well, I can’t please everybody… but at least I’ve tried!