Spooky tattoos and next guest spot at London

Hello everyone,

I will not complain about my times for uploading this little blog of mine, I promise!

Today I am coming to show you the tattoos I did on the event we had at Meatshop for Halloween. We worked on a bunch of designs, and I must admit that I’ve tried some days before the date to come up with more of them, but I just got completely blocked for two consecutive days, which was pretty much annoying as I felt like wasting my time trying to draw stuff that it just wasn’t working. Anyway, the day before the 31th I did a little game on my instagram stories where I asked my followers to tell me what they would want to see me drawing for Halloween, and I ended up making lot of flashes for the event from those ideas. Thanks everyone who sended me stuff, and sorry the ones I couldn’t find more time for drawing the rest of the ideas.

That dog with two heads (that its not my original drawing), is from the art cover from The Melvins – Houdini. Love doing different things like this one time to time!

There you can check properly the designs I came up with for the event. The last sheet it’s not finished as I got lazy with that “voodoo skull”. It was already too late at night! It will be nice to push myself to drawing that one properly one day., and filling the rest of the paper with more designs. Mostly all of those flash is still available, so come by the shop or send me an e-mail if you may be interested!

Also, my lastests news are that I will be working at The Family Business in London. My available dates at the shop are 23th, 24th, 25th, 26th, 29th and 30th of November. I am already booking up some dates, so if you want to get something by me, don’t wait too longer!!!

I can’t wait to meet you,