Ornamental aureolas tattoos.

Long time no see, as always. Hope whoever checks this pretty dead-blog is doing well. I am coming to this ​site to upgrade it with some designs from some time ago which I cannot really share on my social media without being reported. Hopefully here no one will get their eyes burned!

I’ve been day-dreaming for a while with the idea of art nouveau nipple tattoos. It started on myself as that’s what I wanted for my own body and since then I worked on a bunch of available designs. I am very lucky that I got to do a bunch of them on some lovely people.

Nati’s aureolas tattoos
Kikka’s aureola tattoos. Also the snake on her hand is made by me too 🙂
Lea’s aureola tattoos.

I loved working on some many different body shapes and doing my best to adapt each design accordingly to each of my customers. I still have some of the aureolas designs available :), so if you want one feel free to drop an e-mail anytime! Here are some of the available designs left.

You can write me to bookingwithcat@protonmail.com

Until next time!


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