Leg piece for Katherina, in progress

Hello people of the internet!

I am trying to prove that yes – I will take my website more seriously and keep it as active as I can 🙂

I’ve been working on a very awesome project lately that I want to show you guys the progress of it. Katherina contacted me some years ago – we did a piece around her belly, and after, she decided that she wanted to extend towards both legs. The concept for this project is about life and death, so one side of her body represents life and the other, of course, will represent death (once we finish with one leg) She loves the beauty and the decay of the natural world and she trusted me with my vision for her transformation. It’s been a real pleasure of mine to start such a big, complex tattoo for her! We both are enjoying the process, even if it’s a long one… for me, as a tattoo artist, being able to push my own limits in a piece this big it’s what I enjoy the most of my work. If you want to cover a huge area of your body, don’t hesitate to write!

Mostly all line-work is healed. Color is fresh same as some of the scales.
A close-up of the snake.

Remember that you can contact me via e-mail only to bookingwithcat@protonmail.com. I am working in Berlin, at Das Kabinett.


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